I have tried so hard to understand why people don’t support gay marriage, or are against it. Quite honestly, I don’t see any problem with it. People who like the same sex have NEVER done anything wrong. I don’t think anyone has a right to tell people “you can’t be with him/her.” If  you have a girlfriend/boyfriend or spouse or whatever, imagine the government telling you that you can’t be with them. Wouldn’t be so great would it. Just because you tell someone they can’t get married to the person they truly love doesn’t mean that they will stop loving each other. Love is love. I am straight, but i think being  gay or bi is something that is not really chosen. So telling them they can’t get married won’t stop them from being attracted to the same sex. Legalizing gay marriage won’t hurt anyone. It is no one’s business on who a person should be with. Do you really think that just because gay marriage is illegal that that person will just stop being attracted to that same sex? um no. fucking idiots. I can think of so many reasons why gay marriage should be legal. For those people who go to the anti-gay protests or whatever, what are you doing with your life. honestly. Why does it matter to you if a female gets married to a female or a male gets married to a male. I read so many things on why gay marriage is wrong, and everything is just complete bull shit.  Love is love
Legalize Gay Marriage